A short description for each video…

1. Actimel: cleaning staff are given a new product to use. Their health and safety is at risk because they don’t understand the very limited information they are given.

2. Darling: a new employee discovers that the supervisor will not use her proper name. She feels disrespected.

3. Packing: there is tension between a new migrant worker and an established local worker about how fast to work. The trade union representative does not want divisions between workers.

4. Toothbrush: a misunderstanding between a hotel guest and a housekeeper means she may lose her job.

5. Join the union: Why? Why not? A group of workers discuss reasons for joining or not joining a union.

6. The union clinic: individual members who are migrant workers bring their problems to branch official. When he asks the full-time official if the union can help, it is clear that union policies mean that this is unlikely.

Working Conversations? Language in the Workplace

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MultiLing video – English transcript

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